eHarmony Cost – Monthly Subscription Costs in 2013

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eHarmony is one of the post popular and successful dating sites in the World today. It’s also the leading choice for daters who are looking for long-term commitment as opposed to a quick encounter.

However, despite any adverts you may see that say “join for free!” eHarmony is a paid dating site. So exactly how much does eHarmony cost? And is it worth paying for a monthly subscription?

Well, eHarmony costs no more than a decent night out. In fact, you will probably have more money left in your pocket after subscribing, than you would do after a night out on the town. You will also meet more people in a month on eHarmony than you will ever meet in a bar or club.

Below you will find full details of the current monthly subscription costs for eHarmony:

United States and Canada Basic Monthly Subscription Costs 2013

$9.95 per month with a 24 month subscription
$18.95 per month with a 12 month subscription
$39.95 per month with a 6 month subscription
$59.95 per month with a 1 month subscription

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eHarmony Total Connect Plan – Is it Worth It?

eHarmony also offer a more expensive subscription called the Total Connect Plan. The prices for the Total Connect Plan are as follows:

Total Connect Prices for America and Canada

eHarmony Cost Total Connect Subscription US

The Main Differences Between the Two Cost Plans:

eHarmony Total Connect Benefits

So all the extra money buys you is their secure call feature and a more detailed psych evaluation. The secure call feature is not really necessary since you can use Skype or Google talk to make anonymous calls. And as for the deeper analysis of your character, just ask a good friend. So save your money and just take the basic subscription, you can put the money that you save towards your first date.

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Automatic Renewals – Watch Out!

Like practically every dating site on the planet, automatic subscription renewals are turned on automatically when you subscribe. This means when your monthly subscription expires, it will automatically be extended. This can be a shock, especially if you have already met someone and no longer require the subscription. Therefore we recommend turning this off sooner rather than later. Turning it off will not effect your membership features in anyway, you will still have full use of all site features as a paid member.

eHarmony Mini Review – Is it Worth It?

If you are looking for a serious relationship, someone to marry and start a family with, then eHarmony is honestly your best bet. Each year tens of thousands of marriages take place between couples of have met on eHarmony, so they have to be doing something right! Their personality matching software helps to match couples who share common personality traits, helping to ensure longer and more successful relationships than ever before.

You’ll find that the site is also relatively free of spam, yet you should still remain on your toes. If you receive a message that sounds too good to be true, or requests for money, then report them immediately.

We recommend joining for at least 6 months if you are serious about finding someone, as it’s unlikely to happen overnight. The 6 month and longer membership options also offer the most value.

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